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Book and author details and where to buy

To find out more about our list of fiction titles including a brief synopsis of the title, details of our talented and award winning authors, publication dates, price and availability simply click on the book images and you will taken to the details page.

Fire Child - Sally Emerson
Second Sight - Sally Emerson
Listeners - Sally Emerson
Heat - Sally Emerson
Nine Love Letters - Gerald jacobs
Arabian Noir 3D_edited.jpg
Broken Bodies - Sally Emerson
Separation - Sally Emerson
Perfect 3D v2_edited.jpg
Everyday Tales 3D_edited.jpg
away weekend 3D_edited.jpg
Beyond Black There is No Colour 3Da_edited.jpg
Parallel Lives 3D 2_edited.jpg
Only the Dead - TJ Gorton
Pomeranski - Gerald Jacobs
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