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Only the Dead

Only the Dead
By TJ Gorton

Category Historical Fiction, Romantic Fiction, Middle Eastern  Fiction

About Only the Dead

As old Vartan sits reading mystical Persian poetry amid the dust and disintegration of war-torn Beirut, the fluted pillars of his decaying house wreathed in shadows. His thoughts wander back, inevitably, to another conflict, many years before... Only the Dead is the story of Vartan Nakashian, a young Armenian from Aleppo caught in the midst of a world war that is proving catastrophic for his people. We follow his journey of love, espionage, tragedy, betrayal and revenge across the tumultuous Levant of 1915-18, as the crucible of war and genocide makes a man of the boy we first encountered.


About TJ Gorton

TJ Gorton was born in Texas in 1947, and educated at the American University of Beirut, universities of Paris (Nanterre, 1968-9) and Oklahoma, and finally St John’s College, Oxford, where he took an MPhil in Comparative Literature and a doctorate in Oriental Studies (Arabic).  He taught Arabic at St Andrews University in Scotland and was an adjunct professor at Beirut College for Women (as it was then), the Georgetown University and elsewhere, besides spending 25 years in the oil business. 

Published: 31 June 2021 Pages: 288 ISBN: 978-1-86151-985-6 Size: 6’’ x 9’’ / 13.9 x 2.3 x 21.3cm Price: £10.00 Format: Paperback

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