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Book and author details and where to buy

To find out more about our list of non-fiction titles including a brief synopsis of the title, details of our talented and award winning authors, publication dates, price and availability simply click on the book images and you will taken to the details page

Deadline & Datelines - Christopher Thomas
Changing Borders 3D cropped_edited.jpg
Cut Off - Sylvia Chioma
Sixty Somethings - Nicola Madge
Under Starters Orders - Jeffrey Bird
Wheels of Society - Tony Wilson
Suddenly an Englishman - Louis Hagan
Son of the secret Gardener Cover - Trevor Millum
The Back Garden Astronomer 3D cropped.jpg
Afro Saxon 3D cropped.jpg
The Rite to Fight Satan cover 3D New version 3 cropped.jpg
Yin Yoga Cover cropped 3D.jpg
I have no idea.._edited.jpg
Quadrant Books publiher
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