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Deadline & Datelines - Christopher Thomas

Deadlines and Datelines
By Christopher Thomas

Category Autobiography, True Stories, Foreign Correspondent

About Deadlines and Datelines

Christopher Thomas’ driving ambition as a boy was to become a foreign correspondent. Refusing to be held back by a poor secondary modern school education and a single GCE ‘O’ level, he learned shorthand to get a job as a trainee on the local newspaper. Determination and a good deal of luck drove him to the top of his profession, and he went on to work for The Times for 28 years. As a foreign correspondent he saw conflicts and suffering in dozens of countries, but amid the wreckage of ordinary people’s lives there was always humanity and heroism, and sometimes even hope.


About Christopher Thomas 

Christopher Thomas, a long-time foreign correspondent for The Times of London spent a decade based in India and has valuable insights into the situation in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir and India.


Previously author of Faultline Kashmir and published by New Millennium Press and with insights into Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Kashmir, Christopher Thomas has read and drunk deeply into the history of the area, and he has reached a number of uncomfortable but undeniable conclusions that are worth pondering as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir once again sharpen their swords while contemplating, for the first time in years, the tortuous path to peace.


He is bluntly critical of all parties, observing that Pakistan has "shattered its own democracy" in military pursuit of Kashmir and Afghanistan and its guerrillas have "hijacked the people's rebellion" in the name of jihad.

Published: 28 August 2021 Pages: 285 ISBN: 978-1-86151-014-3
Size: 5”x 8” / 127 x 203mm Price: £13.00 Format: Paperback

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