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Everyday Tales of Older 

Women in their Prime
By Nicola Madge

Category Literary and Contemporary Fiction, Romantic Fiction, Thriller

About Everyday Tales of Older Women in their Prime

Age is irrelevant to older women who are in their prime. They may not enjoy looking in the mirror as much as they once did, but they really haven’t changed very much at all. They still yearn to dress up and party, keep up in the modern world, and they may even still hope to meet the partner of their dreams. But like everyone else they have their ups and their downs, diets and exercise to struggle
with, probably a few extra aches and pains and, of course, the knowledge that they are in the autumn of their lives. So as the years tick by, there’s no time to lose to buy more shoes, read through old love letters, or rent a camper van for the weekend. With full-time work almost certainly all but forgotten, there are also family and friends to keep up with, and lots of reminiscing to do. In her collection of humorous poems, Nicola Madge takes a wry look at the thrills, anxieties and everyday activities that are all part of growing older. Geo Parkin adds to the comedy with his original and evocative illustrative cartoons.

About Nicola Madge

Nicola Madge is a psychologist with a long career in social research and currently Honorary Professor at Kingston University London. She has written widely as an academic and is the author of over a dozen books on topics spanning education, disadvantage, health and most recently, young people and religious identity. Her last book published by Quadrant Books and hailed as a masterpiece, Sixty Somethings, recounts the lives of women growing up in the Sixties.

Published: 01 November 2023 Pages: 84 ISBN: 978-1-7398645-7-6 Size: 5’’ x 8’’ / 12.7cm x20cm Price: £10.00 Format: Paperback

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million,, Waterstones and all good book sellers

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