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Cheeky Jurgen by Cheeky Jurgen

Cheeky Jurgen by Cheeky Jurgen


Category Social Media , Jurgen Klopp look-alike, Novelty, Football


About Cheeky Jurgen


The teeth, the crazy things he says, the German accent – Cheeky Jurgen is a huge hit on social media. This book is the extraordinary story of how his creator’s five-year-old granddaughter changed his life and that of many people around him. It all started with a casual comment she made after seeing team manager Jurgen Klopp on TV during
a football match and asking her granddad, who she felt looked like Klopp: ‘Pappi, why are you always on the TV?’ Her confused look brought a smile to his face - and Cheeky was born.


Foreword by Jonathan Swain, Good Morning Britain

So, this is for Jurgen Klopp’s autobiography ja? Cheeky Jurgen had me fooled but no one really noticed, did they?! What started as a cheeky selfie to tease a mate who is a Liverpool fan suddenly became a global talking point where I was the one on the receiving end of being teased.

I laughed about it then and still do now. After 20 years of broadcasting one of the things I’m asked about is....did you know it was Cheeky Jurgen? Well I do now. Talking about it on the telly the next day was perhaps not the best idea but great for ‘Cheeky Jurgen’. His popularity escalated from posts on social media to mainstream media and not just in the UK but around the world, it seemed everyone loved a story about an experienced TV Correspondent being fooled by a Jurgen look-a-like.



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