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New indie launches with Emerson's debut collection and snaps up Quartet authors

The publishing house, which is based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, publishes fiction and non-fiction. It is headed by publisher Antonia Tingle with editor and project manager Peter Jacobs and publicity through Grace Pilkington.

Perfect is a debut collection that explores the genre of the domestic thriller, in snapshots. "In these stories of the impossible, master of the domestic thriller Sally Emerson introduces the eerie and supernatural into her keen-eyed portraits of everyday life," the synopsis reads. "A clerk working in a public register office begins to receive death certificates dated in the future, but can she alter fate and save their victims? A woman unable to have children discovers a way of cloning her husband, but is their cloned son destined to repeat the mistakes of his father? A suburban mother is prescribed health supplements with rather amorous side-effects; can she resist its sway and keep her hands off her neighbours?"

Emerson is the award-winning author of six novels, and a trio of anthologies of poetry and prose. Perfect is her first collection of short stories.

Quadrant has also acquired works by several Quartet Books’ authors, after the company closed following the death of chairman Naim Attallah in February 2021.

Also on Quadrant’s list is The Wheels of Society by Tony Wilson, Sixty Somethings by Nicola Madge, Only the Dead by Ted Gorton and Pomeranski by literary editor of the Jewish Chronicle Gerald Jacobs.

Included in the indie’s non-fiction titles are Cut-Off by Sylvia Chioma, about female genital mutilation Changing Borders by Tony Smith about border control and asylum seekers, and Son of the Secret Gardener by Trevor Millum, whose grandfather is the model for Francis Hodgson Burnett’s gardener in The Secret Garden.


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