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Under Starters Orders By Jeffrey Bird

Under Starters Orders By Jeffrey Bird


Category Memoirs, Autobiography, Horse Racing, True Stories


About Under Starters Orders


Adventures in the world of horse racing. One man’s attempt to get to the top of the racing game. Set in the world of training, breeding and racing horses. Packed with information and understanding about horses, how to choose them, breed them and bring them into racing condition


About Jeffrey Bird 


Jeffrey Bird comes from a horse-racing family and has been passionate about the sport all his life. This is his account of how he, his wife, family and friends in the game have worked over the years to select, breed and train horses to win at the highest levels in racing, both point-to-point and steeplechasing, across the finest courses in England and particularly his native Wales. Triumphs and disasters, trials and tribulations are described on every page.


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