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Nice Life Dirty War

Nice Life Dirty War


Nice Life, Dirty War explores the effect of the Mau Mau uprising on the author, who grew up as a child in the Kenya colony. As the uprising gained momentum with the infamous massacre of Kikuyu ‘loyalists’ they moved south to Tanganyika in their Land Rover leaving behind the turmoil and killings while the suppression of Mau Mau continued with concentration camps and more than a thousand hangings.


When they return to Kenya: life becomes normal again with animals, and back to whites-only schools. A visit by Princess Margaret soon after the execution of Dedan Kimathi, last of the Mau Mau leaders suppresses the rebellion but the gulag continues to brutalise thousands of Mau Mau suspects into renouncing their oaths. Though ultimately defeated, the Mau Mau hastened the end of British rule in Kenya.

Expected delivery 20th July 2024. In case of pre-order problems email
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