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Hollywood to Kentish Town

Hollywood to Kentish Town


Patrice Chaplin takes us on a tour of the unknown lives of the stars of glamorous Hollywood, starting in the 1970s. The swimming pools are shimmering with talent, but Goddess Hollywood looks further afield and finds its next protege amongst the puddles of Kentish Town.

 When Patrice Chaplin left Kentish Town for Hollywood, she did not envisage the extent of the excitement of the lives of its biggest stars, but she quickly found herself in its fold. And when Lauren Bacall and Alan Ladd Junior wanted to turn Patrice Chaplin’s book into a film, many expected her to jump at the chance, but she didn’t… In this series of vignettes, established novelist Patrice Chaplin takes us through some extraordinary moments in time. Her time. From spider spotting by the swimming pool with Jack Nicholson and plotting ways to get him to take off his glasses, to food shopping for Marlon Brando’s fridge, to meeting Elizabeth Taylor and Orson Welles, this is a mini memoir of an enthralling and bygone world of Hollywood.

Expected delivery 20th June 2024. In case of pre-order problems email
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